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Wilson Machine Works holds several patents concerning elevator safety, repair and maintainance. Many years experience repairing worn and dangerous elevator equipment has led to the development of devices for the measurement of elevator sheave groove wear and, if necessary, on-site regrooving.

Given a grouping of elevator wire ropes it is the shortest rope that bears most of the weight. A worn sheave has grooves of varying depth. The rope in the most worn groove is slack in comparison to the others. If wear is allowed to continue it will eventually be the case that one rope bears the majority of the tension. In a worst case scenario that rope may fail suddenly transfering it's entire load to the next shortest rope. Further description should be unecessary.

Wilson Machine Work's audit kit has magnetic standards that eliminate the need to remove the cables when measuring groove depth. A straightedge laid across the standards instantly reveals worn grooves. Being magnetic, the standards will adhere to the underside of the sheave allowing groove depth assesment from below.

The repair kit is not cutter based but rather works as a file. It does not have the speed of a carbon cutter based regroover but it is immune to chatter and indeed can be used to repair chatter damage. It can also fit in the groove adjacent to the brake drum which a carbide based cutter cannot do.

To see our repair kit in action please see our short video. Wilson Machine Works can assess and regroove cable sheaves on-site or in the shop. Patented kits for sheave groove depth assessment and regrooving are available through Wilson Machine Works. A UV kit for determining the source of lubricant leakage is also available.

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