Elevator Sheave Repair Kit

Patent #8545135
Patent #8336429

The Wilson Machine Works U groove cutting tools have been developed for use “in the field” and shop to repair gearless and traction drive sheave and deflector sheave grooves. The diversity of our tool enables the repair of a gearless machine groove directly adjacent to the wall of the brake drum. This cut could not be performed accurately with traditional carbide cutting tools in the field. WMW's U Groove cutting tool can repair damaged U Grooves and finish uneven U Groove cuts made by carbide bits.

Our precision tool saves time and money while repairing grooves accurately without chatter when used as directed. We can repair damage caused by carbide bit chatter and provide a smooth final cut. The tool set also includes magnetic test standards and straight edges. The kit includes U Groove cutting tools and magnetic standard audit tools for 1/2" and 5/8" groove repairs The sheave groove Magnetic Audit Tools are available in a separate set for easy and accurate field assessment of U and V groove depths.

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